Buying or selling a house in Williamsburg
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Williamsburg Real Estate Agent Denise Fleischmann
Buying a home in Williamsburg
Williamsburg's Realtor
Buying a house in Williamsburg Virginia
Looking for a home in WIlliamsburg, Virginia
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Denise Fleischmann
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Looking for a home in Williamsburg, Virginia
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Despite recent slowdowns in some markets, housing remains a good long-term investment, and demographic demand favors housing over the long term. Homeownership offers immediate benefits and long-term value. Homeowners accumulate wealth for the future while enjoying the benefits of a shelter that they can use, improve and sell.

If you are buying or selling a home and need a Williamsburg agent to help make the experience less stressful, more exciting, and hopefully even a little fun, then Dense Fleischmann is the right agent for you. She understands that personal attention and patience are very important aspects of the entire process and will handle every last detail of the transaction, minimizing stress while maximizing satisfaction.


Buying your new home is a serious venture. It can be an absolute pleasure or a massive headache. Your house is not just your home, it is a serious investment in the dwelling, the area and your future. Making sure you end up with the right home involves figuring out exactly what features you want and don't want in a home. Before starting your search, you should make a "wish list" to decide which features are absolutely essential, and which are completely undesirable. The more specific you can be about what you're looking for at the beginning, the more effective and time saving your home search will be. Also keep in mind, that in the end, every home purchase is a compromise. Create your own personalized "wish list" and when you're finished filling it out, give me a call and we can start your journey to home ownership here in Williamsburg, Virginia.


When selling your home, there are no guarantees that a buyer will simply walk through the front door. In many cases you have to bring a home to the buyer. Effective marketing will help ensure that your property receives maximum exposure to attract a ready, willing, and able buyer. The appearance of your home, a buyer's first impression, and other considerations can also affect the sale of your home. Have you considered that home prices in your neighborhood and the value of your property are also factors used for pricing your home? As your Williamsburg Realtor, I will analyze the current market conditions, recent sales, and expired listings to give you a realistic assessment of your home's value and recommend some proven strategies for preparing your home for sale.

For a free Comparable Market Analysis of your home, complete the Market Analysis form or call Denise today at 757.846.0202 or 757.645.2150 or email at


Reasons Why You Should Stop Renting

1. Rents continue to rise
2. No economic security (not knowing how much your rent may go up in the next two to three years)
3. No tax benefits
4. No price appreciation

First-Time Home Buyers

1.  First-time home buyers who purchase a primary residence between January 1, 2009 and before December 1, 2009.
2.  Any unused amount of tax credit is refunded to the purchaser when the tax return if filed.
3.  $8000 maximum credit amount or 10% of cost of home, whichever is less.
4.  Income limit for individual is $75k and joint is $150k.
5.  No repayment for purchases on or after Jan 1 and before Dec 1 2009.
6.  If home is sold within 3 years of purchase, entire amount of credit is recaptured on sale and this only applies for homes purchased in 2009.


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